Heidi Trautmann

April 27 – 28 - Feridun Isiman in Ankara for a Conference at the Gazi University


The Head of the Art Department Prof. Dr. Alev Çakmakoğlu Kuru at the Gazi University in Ankara has invited artists to participate in a conference “Imprints wars leave on art”. Wars and warlike actions, the changes in human society, imprisonment and torture,  how deep are the imprints on art. Feridun Isiman who has graduated from this university approximately twenty years ago will speak about his experiences and insights on April 27 among other artists who come from Irak, Balkan States, Doğu Türkistan, Karabağ and he representing the TRNC.


There will be an exhibition of various disciplines, paintings, sculpture, installations and video art in the afternoon and on April 28 will be a concert with the TRT Orchestra with the same theme. A composition from Feridun Isiman’s older albums will be included in the orchestra’s programme.


Feridun Isiman explained to me that this same theme has been part of his teaching programme at the Near East University. He promised to bring back informations, his notes on the conference and pictures to share with us.



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