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Aug - Sep - Festivals in Famagusta and Yeni Boğaziçi (with Cartoonists Exhibition)



Finally, Salamis opens its gates for the 14th International Famagusta Art and Culture Festival, usually held in June. Unfortunately it comes into the way of the Pulya Festival in Yeni Boğaziçi. Here are the programmes:


Yeni Boğaziçi:


August 20, 9 pm:

3rd International Aysergi Pulya Cartoonist Exhibition officially opened by Dr. Arif Albayrak, well known cartoonist himself; the other cartoonists are Alper Suzuslu, Mehmet Ulubatlı, Zafer Tutkulu, Mustafa Azizoğlu, Dolgun Dalgicoğlu and Russian cartoonists Igor and Natalia Vartchenko.  On the following three evenings the cartoonists will draw on the spot visitors’ profiles for them to take home. (See in my website Nos 127 and 149 for the announcement and presentation of the Cartoonists Association Cartoon Magazine YENI AKREP).


At 9.30 pm : Concert with Aysun Kahraman


August 23, 9 pm : Cypriot Folk Music with Cypriot-Turkish Yiltan Taşçi and Greek Cypriot Adamos Katsantonis both veterans of  Folk Music.


Admissions are free



Famagusta in Salamis Ruins:


August 24, 9 pm :

The Wailers


August 25, 9 pm:

Zerin Özer


August 31, 9 pm:

Yasmin Levy


September 2, 9 pm:

Fatih Erkoç


September 5, 9 pm:

Cypress Classica


September 6, 9 pm:

Koçani Orchestra


Tickets 25 TL, More information on 0392 444 4462.







The photo is Igor Vartchenko#s contribution to last year's cartoon competition where he won a special prize.

Famagusta: See also the Story about The Wailers under Art News! Very interesting!


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