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May 2015 Newsletter  
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May has come with the whole plenitude of the Spring; new workshops, talks, activities, BBQ & music events and more... just ready to spring out in the heart of the island!


For the next two months, the Home Cafe is planning to host a range of special events including jam sessions, screenings, workshops, food&music, pop-up activities, salsa nights and many other performances.

The Home Cafe is opening its doors with a special music and menu; Charalambos Yiorkas and George Andreou will play Rembetiko music and the Home Cafe will get the barbecue on. Join us to seize the mild and breezy days of the spring and celebrate the sunset.

There will be gourmet and traditional delicacies for everyone. Check out the menu on Facebook!

Follow the Home Cafe on Facebook to stay tuned and updated for the news, events and weekly menus, because the Two Little Chefs are back!

Tuesday 12 May, 8.00 pm
 The Home Cafe


How do you start writing?
How do you write about your own life?
How do you write about things you see or people that interest you?
How do you write about your own thoughts, travels, or things you are passionate about?
How do you put down the stories you have always wanted to share?

If you want to find out, join us at the Home for Cooperation for a series of practical writing workshops led by Nicoletta Demetriou, tutor in Narrative
 Non-Fiction on the University of Oxford's Master of Studies in Creative Writing. 
The series includes five 90-minute workshops at the special price of 50 € per person (payable in advance) and instruction will be in English. 

Please email Nicoletta Demetriou atwritingworkshopscy@gmail.com to book your place and indicate which group you prefer. 

Mondays, 5:30–7:00 pm: 18 May / 25 May / 1 June / 8 June / 15 June 
Wednesdays, 5.30–7.00 pm: 20May / 27 May / 3 June / 10 June / 17 June
Home for Cooperation

"Urban Street Festival"

"Hip Hop as a  means and objective: to promote peace amongst diverse urban communities and to unify the artists expressing the different elements of the culture: DJing, MCing, Breaking and Graffiti Art."

A street event, that welcomes all tribes comprising the people of the island, regardless of race, sex and religion.
The festival is hosting artists of the local hip hop scene, offering an opportunity to exchange ideas, experiment through art and most importantly have fun. Save the date!

Facebook it.


Sunday 24 May, 5.00 pm - 11.00 pm
Home for Cooperation

WORKSHOP: Are You Linked in?

Is your career stuck?
Do you need ideas?
Do you want a job, in Cyprus or abroad?

If you want to find out, join us at the Home for Cooperation for a workshop led by Christina Demetriades, an experienced Career & Life Coach. This will be a 3-hour intensive workshop on Linkedin – a truly amazing online professional networking tool which can refresh your career outlook and even lead you to a (new) job! The workshop will be hands-on, so you will learn how to use Linkedin and practice on the spot!
All you need to do is to book your space in advance, because of the limited seats and to bring your laptop or tablet.

For further info, contact the Career Coach at
contact the Home for Cooperation at

Saturday 23 May, 4.30 - 7.30 pm
at Home for Cooperation

Participation Fee: 30 €


New Turkish language course for beginners has just started at the Home for Cooperation last week and the classes are going to continue during the summer. If you are interested in learning a new language, it is a perfect time to join us!

Language is still an important impediment in rebuilding our society in Cyprus and understanding the other side of the divide. Therefore, the Home for Cooperation encourages Cypriots to learn each other's languages in order to eliminate the invisible barriers.

For more information, please email us at

Every Tuesday 
6.00 pm - 07.30 pm

25 € / 65 TL (per Month)

 at Home for Cooperation

a two-day workshop

The NGO Support Centre in collaboration with the University of Nicosia and SeeD, through theirResources for Democracy project which is being implemented with the support of UNDP-ACT, is organizing, a two-day workshop entitled “Social Movements in Europe and the Middle East - Interpreting the Anti-Austerity and Pro-Democracy Protests”.
The workshop will examine the protest movements in the Arab Region (focusing on Egypt), Greece and Turkey exploring the way they unfolded, organized and more importantly the effect/outcome they had.

 For details & updates: Email or Facebook

Friday 8 May, 5:30 pm - opening event
Saturday 9 May, 9:00 am - a series of seminars 

at Home for Cooperation

“How did digital media change politics?”

Morning Talks continue serving fresh inspirations! The theme for the May Morning Talk is “How did digital media change politics?” and Ali Tüzünkan is going to talk about his experiences as a Digital Media Responsible of Mustafa Akıncı ‘s -new Turkish Cypriot community leader, election campaign on 16th of May, Saturday at 10.30 after a free continental breakfast at 9.30 am, the Home Cafe.

Morning talks creates a central place where all communities in Cyprus can come together to be inspired to learn and do things that can have a collective impact. Participation does not require a reservation. The talks are also going to be filmed following the innovative approach of public speaking and subsequently made available online with subtitles in Greek, Turkish and English languages through the Home for Cooperation website and on social media. 

For further information, contact morningtalks.home4cooperation@gmail.comor visit Facebook.

Saturday 16 May,
09.30 - Breakfast
10.30 - Talk Session
at Home for Cooperation



Thank you all participants who came from the UK and across the island. Cycling Cyprus together was a great pleasure. Each corner we stopped over has its own story to be told and all those great people we met on the way have a special place in our hearts now. We had a blast! We are looking forward to the next year!

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