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606 - The new theatre play at Nicosia Municipality Theatre : A Matchbox of White Cheese

A Matchbox of White Cheese  - Bir Kibrit Kutusu Beyaz Peynir

The new theatre play at Nicosia Municipality Theatre


By Heidi Trautmann


You want to lose weight? Follow one of the many diet philosophies that spring up,  for example the Duke Diet you have probably heard of ….or much easier….get a ticket to see it all on stage in Nicosia. A new play written and directed by Nehir Demirel; she has picked up one of the topics that occupies society more than political issues, that is people are looking for a system to go on living at the extreme but keep trim at the same time, a formula to enjoy fully the goodies of our society but not pay for it. There exists a certain matrix what a person has to look like to fit into the image of beauty and health. An advertising company is asked by the big boss – whoever that is – to promote the idea of a diet – a piece of cheese and a pill. After people get seriously sick after treatment, the big boss approaches the agency again to re-invent the diet by another name and bring it onto the market again. For money people do anything because “money is the sweetest thing in the world”.

A persiflage on society wonderfully staged by the team of Nicosia Municipality Theatre, it is in Turkish and I would have loved to understand all dialogues but the body language by the actresses and actors is so good I could easily follow the general meaning. I went with three ladies from our Thursday Art Group to the première and we enjoyed the play very much. You could see that the acting team had a lot of fun themselves and by overdrawing the statements into comical even ironic situations using full body involvement, it became a most enjoyable experience.

The stage design was simple and effective which I like – simple is always better – and by simply moving the set between the scenes created different images; lighting and music effects were perfect. What I also like and pay special attention to is a well done stage choreography, it creates tension between the protagonists; I would compare it with the well succeeded composition of a painting.

The parts were played by Osman Ateş, Melek Erdil, Hatice Tezcan, Asu Demircioğlu, Erdoğan Kavaz, Barış Refikoğlu, Cem Aykut, Aytunç Şabanlı and Melihat Melis Beşe and I was truly amazed to discover new comical talents.

There were hilarious scenes: The dietician holding an eating orgy with cream running down her bosom while prescribing the diet plan to the patient; the reconstruction scheme and subsequent operations on misled men and women by the plastic surgeon, or the tiredness that overcomes the psychologist while listening to his patients. Also, the man that points out how much he prefers the warm and happy feeling with a fat woman versus the edgy character of a skinny one.  


Playwritght and director: Nehir Demirel; dramaturg:Aliye Ummanel;  assistant director: Erdoğan Kavaz; stage and costume design: Özlem Deniz Yetkili; Lighting: Fırat Eseri, Music effects: Osman Ateş, advertising: Umut Ersoy; scenery:  Rıza Şen, stage hands: Mehmet Eseri and Mehmet Demir.

The play is on on Fridays and Saturdays; tickets reservation: Tel 227 87 82

The advertising agency
The advertising agency

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