Heidi Trautmann

1092-2 Postal Artists Books at the Online Opening in Sao Paulo, Brazil

By Heidi Trautmann


Yesterday, 15 May 2021, I was in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I was there on the invitation of the artist Angela Barbour, curator and IAPMA Coordinator for an international art project. I wrote about it… http://www.heiditrautmann.com/category.aspx?CID=2314753181#.YKC65qgzaUk

Can you believe it? I could witness the opening ceremony of this art event with my feet in Cyprus and my mind and heart in Sao Paulo to see all the Postal Artists Books that have been created within two years, have circumnavigated our globe, and are presently exhibited at the Oswald de Andrade Gallery in Sao Paulo and will make part of the International Artist Book Library. A long sentence but it was a long and problematic road, this art project was travelling on, for the curator and for the artists from 36 countries who were anxiously waiting for their art work to reach their partners in another country and who then had to send it to Brazil for the exhibition. I was witness to the impatience and worry of our three local artists in Cyprus, Inci Kansu, Ismet Tatar and Mandana Mehrnia for literally months during the pandemic years of 2020/2021. Some of the artists books are still on the road, somewhere, hindered by the worldwide restrictions on all levels. However, it is a great sign of hope in these troubled times, that they have succeeded and we are now able to see this wonderful exhibition. Actually, I don’t have to say much, as the video is now here with us under the following link.


For two hours I followed Angela’s steps from one table to the next, showing us the artists’ books, explaining the techniques and, when available, also talk to the artists themselves.

Stories told, stories about the small things in life, about the beauty of their country, a walk along a river finding beautiful leaves. Two stories in each book. All kind of different papers were used in different techniques, handmade paper, papyrus, material from nature, to make these books, mostly as laparello, small, about 15x15cm; in folding and cutting technique, as collages, and often together with a handwritten story, a poem, calligraphy, You could feel the joy the artists had.


Hopefully, the idea to make this exhibition travel to other countries, will materialize soon, and it may one day come to Cyprus. I will certainly let my readers know.

So, enjoy the walk through the exhibition and perhaps it gives you some ideas of your own, ideas about cooperation with other artists, other people. We would need that right now.



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