Heidi Trautmann

615 - International Women’s Day 2014

This year’s theme is “Inspiring Change”


By Heidi Trautmann


Looking at our Cultural Events Calendar of this week the reader will notice that this very special day, the 8th of March, to bring forward women’s equality or rather the right to it, has been a reason in many places to invite women to show their art in exhibitions. It is with a feeling of pride and solidarity and with the knowledge that on this day the women of the world are standing up, meeting up, discussing further steps and initiatives and making the world aware of still existing problems.

However, this year’s theme “Inspiring Change” gives rise to hope that doors have been opened which for so long were kept closed to women.

The first International Women’s Day was held in 1911 and in 1975 the Day was recognized by the United Nations. The Day is also an opportunity to disclose the achievements of women in economic, political and social fields and to strengthen organisations and groups that have been founded all over the world to give women fighting for their rights or even survival,  a shelter or the assurance that they are not alone: Together we can!

Although some achievements were recorded there is still violence against women and girls by husbands, family members and attacks in the open by strangers, by groups of men, violating women, beating them to death, keeping them prisoners for years…..for what reason? Using violence against a weaker person is an inferiority complex, meaning the male, the leader, the higher authority is in their eyes not recognized; like a dog that is ordered to ‘Heel’ and is punished when it doesn’t. In my opinion the root of the evil is to be looked for in education: the little boy is brought up in the belief that a man is stronger, better, and the deciding head of the family. Especially mothers do that, a boy has rights, a girl has duties, and the little boys are spoilt endlessly. That is blind love and wrong education.

So we have come back to education, my favourite theme. Education means freedom, education means respect, the more educated people are the more they refrain from violence because the brain takes over control, exceptions not counted. A couple working together for one cause can be very powerful, although they should take care not to overrun the other and cause rivalry. As one of my poet friends said: “It is at the side of my man I want to walk, not ahead of him and not behind.” And this short sentence says it all.





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