Heidi Trautmann

119 - 3rd Amateur Ceramists Competition 2010

 As every ysear the Ceramicists Association offers to Amateur Ceramists the chance to take part in a ceramic art competition.

The theme of the competition is “Limits”.  Are there limits in our life or don’t we recognize  limits.

The participant is requested to create a ceramic work according to the theme “Limits”.


Last date of entry to participate in the competition is 22 February 2010.


The jury will meet on March 8 to determine the prizes. The jury members are: Ceylan Dimililer, Aşık Mene, Ruzen Atakan, Sinem Saydam, Bedia Kale, Musa Kayra, Filiz Ankaç, Hüseyin Özçelik.


The exhibition of this Amateur Competition will be on March 10 at Toros Art Centre in Lefkoşa.


Please contact Bedia Kale for registration under 0533 847 55 88 

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