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33 - Introductory Sunset Dinner at Gondara's in Kalkanli

You are cordially invited to an Introductory “Sunset” dinner at Gondara’s superb new Restaurant & Cafe in Kalkanlı on Saturday 2nd April 2011 starting at 6.00pm – Drink in the Sunset, eating at 7.30pm

The idea is to introduce you to this fantastic new restaurant with its panoramic views of the west coast to the mountains and to the wonderful food that is fast becoming renown among the local population.

The food preparation and cooking methods are overseen by Pembe Yilmaz who is a Master Chef. The meats are grilled on spits over beds of charcoal which produces the most tender and moist results. During the meal you will experience a large selection of Turkish Cypriot cuisine but do not be put off by the number of meze. The whole experience is quality rather than quantity and from our own experiences, the slow pace, with a dance or two to the live music between courses made a gourmet delight and we left with a satisfied feeling of being well fed rather than “stuffed”

Yilbey Gondara is offering an introductory meal at a discounted price and including a welcome drink for 40tl.

The meal will include:

14 cold meze such as fresh almonds, tahin, cracked green olives, soft village cheese and beef tongue plus more

8 hot meze such as hellim wraps, traditional spicy Cypriot sausage, grilled liver, grilled quail etc

Main Course is piece of spit roasted chicken and a piece of spit roasted lamb, served with fried potatoes and village salad.

Live music to dance the night away.

See email with details of how to book for this one-off limited offer.


Et al,
A charming Cypriot friend of ours has recently opened a wonderful new restaurant in Kalkanli which is already a big hit with the local population. The food served is certainly the best quality Cypriot food we have experienced in our 5 years on the island. Yilbey Gondara the owner, is keen to have fellow Europeans among his clientele. He has therefore asked us to arrange an Introductory night via our Expat contacts. We thought that the best way to reach a good cross-section of expats, is to invite our friends and colleagues who in turn bring someone along they know. However, of course this could generate large numbers, very quickly. Therefore there will be a first come first served policy.

It is possible to lay on a bus for anyone interested for around 10tl per person. The bus will pick-up from the main road only. Pick-ups will be announced once we know there is a demand.

So if you are interested, please reply to this email, with your required numbers as soon as possible and numbers for a bus and your preferred pick-up point.

The idea is to be there at 6.00pm to watch the sunset with some suitable music and aperitifs.(First drink on the house!), also to see the grounds and the extensive views. The meal will start around 7.30pm and the live music at 8.00pm.

We are working on a Vegitarian main course option and will circulate this later, please email if required.

Any questions please ask, we will circulate directions before the night.

Nick & Catherine Bayley

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