Heidi Trautmann

2 - Go Ganesha Go cont.:

Preview Exhibition at Famagusta Gate in January
Go-Ganesha-Go, cont.: There was the exhibition at the Famagusta Gate Cultural Centre on January 14 as a sort of preview for the final exhibition in May, for all to see what can be done and what has already been done. The exhibition was sponsored and opened by Ute Woermann, Head of the Cultural Department of the Goethe-Zentrum, Nicosia and DaphneTrimikliniotis, President of the Cyprus Chamber of Art. I spoke to Rose Marie Gnausch, the initiator of the art movement about the result of this show. “ I was very pleased with the outcome, many people came from the North and the South, and as I could see, they were very astonished of the art works displayed and I hope it gave them some inspiration.” “The Ambassador from Luxembourg, Mr. Bruck, had come and was given a tour by Mrs. Woermann-Stylianou and he promised to support contributions for the event on May 9 and 10. There was already a contribution by a Luxembourg artist, Nico Hinckes and schoolchildren from Billek.” “Many artists from Germany, Austria, Canada, USA, Hawaii, Denmark have contributed to this first display, grown-ups, grandmothers and schoolchildren. A fantastic experience so far, not only for me but also for all who had participated.” In Rose Marie’s website you can see the complete report of hers with all the artists and their names. Also for me it was a most pleasurable experience, often very touching. There were elephants photographed by a famous artist; one knitted by an old lady, a farmer; elephants by a ceramic artist, others made of material, of wood, as oil paintings, as graphics, poems. And some by North Cypriots, paintings by Nilgün Güney and her students, she gave a good example. Let us promote this venture, let us support this idea of art movement for peace, to find a new strong symbol for peace, since under the reign of the dove, no progress can be made.

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