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648 - ‘North Cyprus My Way’ – the new book by Heidi Trautmann is launched

Two book launches in Nicosia and Kyrenia


‘North Cyprus My Way’ is the personal experience Heidi Trautmann has made on her literary walks through the island, with a view on people, their stories and daily life, on places, villages and cities, on nature and the sky and the sea. As she believes that writers and artists are the ones that present the soul of the country best, she has included poetry by Cypriot poets. The book is intended for the traveller coming to Cyprus and is therefore written in English and German. She received the authorization by the poets to translate their poems.


This is in short what the book is about. Heidi had the first presentation at the Cadı Kazanı in Nicosia where she told the guests how it came about that she had thoughts about such a project. It is based on her and Nilgün’s experience with German speaking travel groups from Studiosus, a tour operator in Munich and Kaleidoskop Travel Agency in Kyrenia, both known for many years for their culture oriented tours. They regularly come to Cadi Kazani and are being instructed about the art scene by Heidi and get explained the philosophy of art of Nilgün Güney in her studio above the Studio café in the Arabahmet District. After the talks the guests come up to Heidi and Nilgün to thank for the lecture, it was an eye opener and they would see Cyprus with different understanding. On the first evening Heidi read her essay ‘Nicosia, the City of Jasmine’ and the poem that she selected to go with it was by Neriman Cahit.


The second book presentation was on Monday, May 12 at the newly opened ‘Streetart Bookstore and Café’ managed by three young women, a charming place where your mind and your tongue are being treated with much taste and knowledge. Marion Stuart had come early and savoured a huge plate of special salad. It is a place to feel at home.

Here Heidi read her essay ‘Kyrenia where we threw our anchor’ and the poem to go with by Filiz Naldöven, both in English and German, as many German guests had come. Heidi said she would find out more about the three female musketeers and their place in an interview to be conducted in June.


North Cyprus My Way – Nordzypern auf meine Art

ISBN 978-9963-731-04-6

The books will be available in all bookstores : in Kyrenia: StreetArt Café and Bookstore Doğanköy (opp. Erduran Laboratories), Bestseller Karakum, Bestseller Alsançak, Round Tower, Deniz Plaza, and FANUS Shop, a shop with lamps, and other nice things, on the road down to the sea,  and in Nicosia: Işik Bookstore, Galerie Kültür, Khora Bookstore and Rüstem Bookstore and also all Deniz Plaza branches.

For further details contact Heidi Trautmann under heiditrautmann@hotmail.com

Book launch at the Cadi Kazani
Book launch at the Cadi Kazani

Book launch at the Streetart Bookstore and Café
Book launch at the Streetart Bookstore and Café

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