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Press Release – 17th July 2009


As part of a public awareness campaign on International Development Aid and the Millennium Development Goals, the European Institute of Cyprus (EIC) and the Cyprus Photographic Society (CPS) invite interested professional, amateur photographers and photo journalists to creatively contribute in the global campaign against poverty.


The campaign is being organised as part of a European project, entitled ‘Media Engagement in Development Issues and Promotion’ (MEDIP). The project is being co financed by the European Union (EU) and is being delivered in six member states of the EU: Cyprus, Malta, Hungary, Estonia, Slovenia and Romania.


Entries are accepted from individuals that are 18 years of age and over and are resident in Cyprus. The first three winning entries will receive the sum of 1000 € each to be given in the form of cash, which has been charitably donated by the Shacolas Group. The photographs awarded the first three places will automatically be entered in European, photo competition, alongside other awarded photographs selected in the other five countries organising similar competitions as part of the project. The three winning entries will be exhibited in parallel exhibitions taking place in all six participating countries, namely Cyprus, Malta, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia and Romania and in Brussels at an international exhibition organised in December 2009 which is being hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee of the European Union.


The aim of the photo exhibition is to encourage impressions, interpretations, illustrations and images that advance greater appreciation and understanding of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the key principles of International Development Aid amongst the wider public.


The Eight Millennium Development Goals, represent a global vision for the future: a world with less poverty, hunger and disease, greater survival prospects for mothers and their infants, better educated children, equal opportunities for women, and a healthier environment; a world in which developed and developing countries work in partnership for the betterment of all.


The pictures should record and communicate the essence of the subject matter by 'telling a story' or illustrating perspectives of the issues relating to the Millennium Development Goals and can include:

-          Specific examples of the impact of poverty and the problems faced by people in developing countries only (The aim of the project is to bring to the fore poverty issues related to developing countries and not domestic issues of the six participating countries)

-          The photographs can relate to children, women and in general to generally people and communities in developing countries (for example, Asia, Africa, Latina America and the Caribbean) and depict their way of life, how they deal with the everyday challenge of survival and/or record any improvements in their living conditions as a result of international aid/ assistance.

-          Illustrate the types of development activities and support that that is and should be provided in developing countries

-          The Photos entered for the Competition can also in general convey the history and background to the Millennium Development Goals.

-          Reflect perceptions in developed countries of the issues faced by people in developing countries

-          Perceptions on how and why the international community and national governments can offer support to developing countries

-          Images that confront existing stereotypes and myths relating to overseas development

-          Represent activities taking place to promote and encourage public support for the MDGs

-          Abstract perceptions of the subject matter and the role of  international community and the general public


The deadline for the submission of photographs and accompanying documentation is the 16th September 2009.  Submissions are accepted at the offices of the Cyprus Photographic Society in Limassol, Arch. Makarios III Avenue 112, Limassol (tel: 25384381) every Wednesday and Saturday from 4pm – 8pm or the Cyprus Photographic Society in Nicosia, 53 Xanthis Xenierou, Old Nicosia, Nicosia (tel: 99496086) open every Wednesday afternoon or at the European Institute of Cyprus, Presidential Palace Street 11-13, 1081 Nicosia, open daily between the hours of 8.00am – 14.30.


Information on the photo competition, including the rules and conditions of entry, entry forms and details on the Millennium Development Goals can be obtained from the offices and official web sites of the Cyprus Photographic Society: www.cps.com.cy and the European Institute of Cyprus: www.eicy.eu



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