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722 - ÖZTAN ÖZATAY 7th Photo Competition & Exhibition

Note by Heidi Trautmann: 

I was asked to publish the rules and conditions of the 7th competition on my website. I have tried my best but I cannot attach the forms you will need if you want to participate, so please get in touch with Buket Özatay under the addresses given below.

7th Competition and its History

This contest is held for the 7th time in memory of the former businessman, journalist and photographer Öztan Özatay who played a major role in the development of Turkish Cypriot photography and died on February 5th 2008.

The aim of this competition and exhibition is to commemorate the name of Öztan Özatay and contribute to the art of photography.

Öztan Özatay Photo Competition & Exhibition has undertaken a historical role in terms of reflecting the degree of interest to the art of photography in Northern Cyprus. The competition for six years has been the most extensive, prestigious competition, as being at the status of having the most participation in any photography competition within the Northern Cyprus, regarding the number of participating photographs and photographers.

For the last three years, we initiated a social responsibility project by providing the Kemal Saracoglu Foundation for Children with Leukaemia and Fight Against Cancer.

 CLOSING DATE:   7 January 2015


Press Conference and Photo Conversation - Golden Tulip Hotel - Nicosia



Acceptance List will be sent to all participants in 5 days after the judging day via email, internet and press.



EXHIBITION VENUE: Ataturk Cultural Center, Nicosia


CATALOGUE: The catalogue will be available on the opening day of the exhibition.

CERTIFICATE: The certificates will be given to those who has acceptances, on the opening day of the exhibition.



OZATAY Photography:   Hacı Ali Apt. Öğretmenler Caddesi,  Kermiya North Cyprus

Tel:   0090392 223 8968 – 0090392 223 8969

www.facebook.com / OZTAN OZATAY Geleneksel Fotoğraf Yarışması Sergisi

E-mail: oztanozatay@gmail.com

Buket Ozatay   –  0090 533 868 9990      bozatay@yahoo.com     

Ozhan Ozatay  –  0090 533 844 4546      ozhanozatay@hotmail.com



Contest Chairman


ÖZTAN ÖZATAY  7th Photo Competition & Exhibition



 Öztan Özatay  7th Photo Competition & Exhibition  is open to amateur and professional photographers from all over the world who is over age 15.


Entries must originate as photographs (image-captures of objects via light sensitivity) made by the entrant on photographic emulsion or acquired digitally. By virtue of submitting an entry, the entrant certifies the work as his own and permits the sponsors to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication and/or display in media related to the exhibition. This may include low resolution posting on a website. The exhibition assumes no liability for any misuse of copyright. An entry may be rejected when the sponsoring organization or its agent, in its reasonable discretion, believes the entry does not conform to exhibition rules and conditions.

The participant shall accept, declare and commit that all the works sent to the contest belong to him/her and all the contest rules are executed correctly. Oztan Ozatay 7th Photo Competition and Exhibition does not take any responsibility regarding the photos of the participant. The rewards, titles and all such acquisitions achieved shall be withdrawn from those who acted beyond this declaration and acceptance.


Award winning photos in the contests held in Northern Cyprus, as well as entries which were accepted and/or exhibited in any competition exhibitions in Northern Cyprus will not be accepted in this competition.


Award winning photos will be left to Ozatay Photography. Ozatay Photography reserves the right to use the photos for non-commercial purposes provided that it specifies the name of the photographers. The copyright of the photos belongs to the photographers.


Ozatay Photography cannot be held responsible for the photographs which are not claimed within 45 days from the end of the exhibitions. The photographs which are not claimed within 45 days will be donated to Kemal Saracoglu Foundation for Children with Lukemia and Fight Against Cancer. Kemal Saracoglu Foundation for Children with Lukemia and Fight Against Cancer have the right to sell these photos to generate fund for their foundation.


Each participant will be able to participate in this competition by paying 15TL in return the receipt of the the Kemal Saracoglu Foundation. Payments will be made at the Ozatay Photography stores when the submission will be turned in or via bank account or paypal given at the ‘’Entry Fee’’ section.


In addition 50% of the cost of each photo sold in the exhibitions will be given to the owner of the photo where the remaining 50% will be given to the the Kemal Saracoglu Foundation.


The persons sending photos to the contest shall be deemed to accept the provisions of the terms of reference.





ÖZTAN ÖZATAY  7th Photo Competition & Exhibition



Participation fee is mandatory for all participants and it is 50TL or 20 Euros for all sections. The works of the authors who did not pay the fee would not be taken into consideration.

The fee can be paid via PayPal to bozatay@yahoo.com OR


Turkiye Is Bank -  IBAN NO: TR51 0006 4000 0016 8070 0297 61



Öztan Özatay Photo Competition & Exhibition is divided in 3 digital sections.

Participants may submit a minimum of three, maximum of eight photos per section. 

Participants are free to submit entries in just one section as well as in two or three sections.


           A-DIGITAL: OPEN: Color


           B-DIGITAL: CYPRUS People, Life, Place (Monochrome & Color)


           C-DIGITAL: NATURE (Monochrome & Color) 


COLOR Definition:

Photographs can be manipulated with whatever method or technique. Photographic quality in the final product must remain in weight. Jury’s decision is final.


CYPRUS People, Life, Place Definition:

Photographs taken anywhere in Cyprus representing the Cypriot people, life and places. Participants are free to have just one as well as two or three above themes in their photographs. Jury’s decision is final.

BLACK & WHITE (Monochrome) Definition:

A black and white work fitting from the very dark grey (black) to the very clear grey (white) is a monochrome work with the various shades of grey. A black & white work toned entirely in a single color will remain a monochrome work able to stand in the black & white category.

 A monochrome image is defined as having varying shades of no more than one color (various shades of that color from very light to very dark) but it may be any single color.

All adjustments must appear natural. Conversion to full monochrome is acceptable. Derivations, including infrared are unacceptable. Jury’s decision is final.

NATURE Definition:

Nature photography is restricted to the use of the photographic process to depict all branches of natural history, except anthropology and archaeology, in such a fashion that a well-informed person will be able to identify the subject material and certify its honest presentation. Human elements shall not be present. 

Photographs of human created hybrid plants, cultivated plants, feral animals, domestic animals, or mounted specimens are ineligible, as is any form of manipulation that alters the truth of the photographic statement.

No techniques that add, relocate, replace, or remove pictorial elements except by cropping are permitted.

ÖZTAN ÖZATAY  7th Photo Competition & Exhibition




A)- Open Section                               1-ÖZTAN ÖZATAY Achievement Award

                                                               Canon EOS 700D  (18-55 IS Lens)

2-Kemal Saraçoğlu Special Award 1,250 TL

                                                               (ALPET sponsorship)


B)- CYPRUS People, Life, Place      1-TURKIYE Is Bank Achievement Award 1,500TL

2-Derya Boutique Special Award Voucher  1,000TL



III C)-Nature                                     1-ÖZTAN ÖZATAY Achievement Award

                                                                Canon EOS 1200D  (18-55 Lens )

2-TURKIYE Is Bank Special Award 1,000 TL


Photographer with the maximum acceptance in the total of all categories AWARD:

HAMA Digital Photo Frame (38.10cm/15.0inch – 1024x768pixel)


If jury members decides to give Special Jury Awards, certificate and a plaque will be given to the winners.



Photos with awards and acceptances will be printed on photo paper and mounted on foam board by Ozatay Photography for the exhibition.



Turkey (2) and Cyprus (1) members of the jury will be announced 10 days before the deadline and will be announced via e-mail, internet and the media.



There must be no names, labels or signs on anywhere of the photos.

The participants must write 7 digits unique code (please do not use letters) and only one code must be used for all the forms and while naming the photos.


Delivering Manually

  -Code must be written on a BIG envelope.

  -Inside this envelope should be the information below.


 Small Envelope (code on it)

       Inside Name Entry Form (with participants name and information)

 CD (code on it)

 Code Entry Form (code on it)


      Delivery Document should be given by hand.





ÖZTAN ÖZATAY  7th Photo Competition & Exhibition


CD should consist of the information listed below.

-3 different files according to the photo sections

-JPEG format at 300 dpi resolution.

-Photos size must be 40x60cm.

-or shorter side should be minimum 40cm horizontal in dimension and longer side should not exceed 60cm vertical in dimension.

-Panaromic photos should be within the limits 35x90cm.

-Photos in the CD should be named as follows:

 section name – title of photo – seven digits number – photo size

 Sequence number of the photo should be from 1 to 8


Example1: A1-Mirror-1234567-40x60.jpg        Example2: B3-Old Man-9338265-40x55.jpg

The BIG closed envelope (7digits on it) and the printed Delivery Form should be handed into the address indicated in the first page by 7th of January 2015 the latest.


2- Entering by e-mail

Participants who will apply by e-mail should send the photos with the explained specifications, 3 entry forms and bank receipt (entry fee and donation) to oztanozatay@gmail.com,


ÖZTAN ÖZATAY  7th Photo Competition & Exhibition


The late journalist, photographer and businessman Oztan Ozatay who has left his mark on Turkish Cypriot professional photography was born on November 21st 1949 in Agios Ioannis village of Paphos. He completed his elementary education in Agios Ioannis, secondary education at Bayraktar Secondary School and High school education at Haydarpasa Commerce School. Upon his arrival at Nicosia to attend secondary school, at the age of 14, Ozatay sets his foot into the world of photography by starting to work as an apprentice for the famous Armenian photographer Arto Tilbian. In the following years, he is to play a major role in the development of Turkish Cypriot Photography. Initially he works as an errand-boy for his mentor. But after having discovered his interest in photography, he buys his first camera from his boss and starts taking photographs. He goes to school in the mornings, works for Tilbian in the afternoons and serves in the army at nights.

During this time Ozatay starts to take an active interest in photograph and photography and his amateur efforts turn into professionalism when he starts to take photographs at hospitals, weddings and organizations after school. During 1968-1975 he works at Nicosia Mental Hospital as a nurse. In addition, during 1974-1978 he works at the daily Zaman Newspaper as a photo correspondent and chief of sports page. Ozatay, having learnt the fundamental knowledge and experience of photography from Tilbian serves for a short period as a public employee in the courts after the war in 1974. These are the years when shortage and poverty prevail in Cyprus and Ozatay continues to take photos as a wandering photographer. During his apprenticeship under Tilbian, Ozatay gains valuable experience over colourful photography. During his debut as a wandering photographer he takes photographs and developes them in the dark room he builds in his house.

Ozatay continues to work as a sequestration officer in the courts from 1975 till the October of 1978, but always dreams off setting up his own studio. In a country where being a public officer is regarded very highly, the business-minded Ozatay resigns from his job as a sequestration officer and makes his debut in the business world as a dynamic entrepreneur achieving instant success.

Ozatay & Co. was founded in the february of 1978 by Oztan Ozatay as a small photo shop and studio in Nicosia and he worked at this location until 1982. Afterwards he opened five studios: In 1982 Vakıflar Pasaji, In 1987 Marmara Bolgesi, In 1995 Girne Caddesi, in 2002 Taskinkoy and in 2005 Kermiya. He continued his work in these five studios and stores with his wife and children.

In mid 1980’s he developed his business by starting to operate in the field of electronics besides photography. In addition, he is the first to bring videography to North Cyprus and to open the first video-club in Northern Cyprus in 1983. He worked as the only video-club manager for a considerable time.

Oztan Ozatay worked actively until June 2006 when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. On February 5th 2008 he lost the battle against cancer and died at age of 59. Ozatay who married Feryal Ozatay in 1970, is survived by three children named Buket, Ozfer and Ozhan.

Currently Ozatay & Co. operates in Northern Cyprus in the fields of Photo-Video-Digital-Electronics. Ozatay’s children have been continuing their father’s business tradition since 1995 by keeping up with contemporary technological developments.

Please apply for the forms and further details under the given addresses.

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