Heidi Trautmann

43 - A Cup of Conversation with Can Gazi at BRT 2


Who does not remember Places and Faces with Can Gazi only one year ago? BRT 2 was at that time still in the air for us foreigners with news, entertainment, good old films and once a week the always interesting contribution by and with Can Gazi.

Today, there is just one English contribution left on BRT2, and that is once a week on Friday at 18:00 hrs when Can Gazi invites interesting people to come and chat with him about their activities and their life. 45 minutes during A Cup of Conversation.

On the occasion of an interview he had with me end of May, I asked him what kind of interviews he was looking for, what kind of people he invited to come in front of the TV camera.

“I conduct various interviews ranging from art and culture events to local personalities and even talented singers. My aim is to inform the TRNC ex-pat community on various events and locations here in the TRNC. Many of the events are related to charity work too, so it is important to inform the public of these things. This week (Fri 26th June) I have a group who are the Friends of Esentepe and they are raising money for the Help Those with Cancer Charity. There will be a music event and auction at the Tumba Restaurant in Esentepe on Saturday 4th July, so this is my subject for this week's A Cup of Conversation.”


The frequencies for BRT2 are in the East of the island UHF 50 and in the West UHF33. Otherwise just enter www.brtk.net if you want to learn more about your local radio and TV stations, information is in Turkish, English, French and Greek.


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