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March 23 - 30 - Exhibition of works resulting from the Amateur Ceramists Competition

The Association of Ceramists in North Cyprus has again organised a competition for amateur ceramists. On Monday March 22, the jury decided on the first three winners and two special mentions. The results are:

III. Amateur Ceramist Competition Results;

1. Yıldan Güldeniz with her work called "2 multiply 1"
2. Sermra Tahsin with her work called "Peace"
3. Mustafa Kansay with his work called "Limits of mind"

Two mention worthy works by:
Osman Murabık " Limits"
Feza A. Sanıvar "No name"


All works of the competition will be displayed at the Atatürk Cultural and Congress Centre at the Near East University until Tuesday, March 2010. Viewing times are Tuesday - Friday: mornings: 10-11 and afternoons: 15-17; on Saturday: mornings only.

If you want to visit at other times, please call Bedia Kale under tel. no 0533 847 5588; for small groups special viewing times can be arranged.

1st prize: Yildan Güldeniz
1st prize: Yildan Güldeniz

2nd prize: Semra Tahsin-Huzur
2nd prize: Semra Tahsin-Huzur

3rd prize: Mustafa Kansay-Aklin
3rd prize: Mustafa Kansay-Aklin

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