Heidi Trautmann

603 - Theatrical Sketches by KADS at the Kyrenia Municipal Cultural Centre

By Heidi Trautmann


KADS – Kyrenia Amateur Drama Society - and its director Lawrie Oxley seem to have zeroed in on one act plays, light with black humour and mixed with a touch of irony on hot issues. Bang, you’re dead! by Paul Reakes and Strictly Sex Factor (on Ice) by David Tristam reflecting the problems of an amateur theatre. It was the last of three performances in the new year of 2014 and fully booked, Kads at least does not have the problems to fill the theatre house as they have in the 2nd play.

In the first play, a burlesque, we saw two newcomers to the stage, Rahmeli and Kemal Soyer, they did well, a little stiff, and the voices hardly heard, although we sat in the second row; Beverley Westbrook’s mimicry and body language was very good. A witty plot.


The success of the 2nd piece is mainly built on the acting and mimic expressions of Caroline Atwood who is a natural talent and also Phil Lucock in his role as the theatre society chairman.  It was fun to watch them.


However, the smile one has on after the nice evening with KADS, is being utterly spoilt when one has to go through the disgusting basement of the Cultural Centre, the place is neglected and dirty, the steps broken, hardly any light as one walks to the parking area.  Passing the building by daylight, one gets the impression of a meeting place for ‘clochards’ and no one would ever  suspect  a theatre behind these rundown walls.



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