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Oct 2 - Trash to Fashion: Re-Cycled Fashion Show - Art in Lefkara

Trash to Fashion: Re-Cycled Fashion Show - Alternative Street Fashion & Environmental Art in Lefkara!


2nd October from 20:00 Lefkara village

The aim of the show is to combine various crafts all themed with 're-cycling' into a "fashion" show on the streets of beautiful Lefkara and at the Lefkara Hotel. The intention is to create costume / wearable art that combines....

1. The use of sustainable local materials.

2. Traditional skills including wood carving, basketry, mosaic, argalios weaving, Lefkara lace, silversmithing / casting silver

3. The use of recycled materials to give a strong environmental message - (which, apart from many other materials might includes traditional textiles that are beautiful but old-fashioned)

4. environmental art / installations as a set for the show and photo-shoot

The village wants to bring young people back into Lefkara - at a time when young generations are leaving the village for the cities, to expand and update the focus of interest in the village from its 'Lefkaritika' theme into something new, while highlighting different aspects of the village and creating a cultural space for young artists to express themeselves.

The show is the initiative of Grampus Heritage and Training www.grampusheritage.co.uk, under EU Leonardo Da Vinci programme and Lefkara Tourist Council, as well as a number of other organisations and art-schools.

Participants include:
Grampus Heritage & Training
Hylates Ltd
Anakyklos Org (clothing materials for costumes and installations, masks)
Lefkara Gimnasium Students and their Art-teachers
Aigaia Art School (costumes and possibly installations)
Green Dot Cyprus
Simoni Symeonidou (shadow sculptures installations)
Stephanie Keszi (re-cycled furniture and installations)
Green Party Cyprus

For more info contact:
Anna Zobnina (Lefkara Hotel & Restaurant - host of the event).
+357 96 351581

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