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25 - Kuzey Tarik Exhibition

The many roads the artist Kuzey Tarik travels

Most people have a goal in life which they want to reach in one way or the other. Kuzey Tarik is a young man of North Cyprus, born in 1974 in Nicosia. An artistic man through and through, who has made it his goal to express himself and his feelings through many channels, as graphic designer and painter, as vocalist of pop and rock, as actor and I don’t know what.

I have met him for the first time on the occasion of his exhibition in the Eaved House in Nicosia on April 7 for the opening at 8 pm and two minutes.  His old teacher Mustafa Hastürk,  Director of the Cultural Department of the Ministry of National Education and Culture held the opening speech and remembered together with Tarik  the old school days. Among the many guests – there were at least 120 people - were still more teachers of his, and they all had come to congratulate him on his exhibition. 

By the opening time of 20:02 he certainly wanted to indicate that a group of musicians had come to give a short concert to entertain the viewers in the courtyard of the beautiful Eaved House.

He showed his latest works, paintings in mixed media, abstract and modern graphic art concept.  The exhibition will be open to the public for about a week…(there were no further informations to this point…

Unfortunately I cannot say anything on his development, as it was the first works I saw of him. But I will find out more about this very active young man of 35.


NOTE: Kuzey Tarik answered back:

The exhibition is open until April 18.

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