Heidi Trautmann

Apr 15 - 22 - Hale Sümer Patchwork Exhibition


By Heidi Trautmann


They came from Ankara, the ladies of the Hale Sümer Patchwork Group. They brought with them their artwork, big-sized patchwork pieces, fairy tales to get lost in. I was truly amazed. Beautifully designed, with so much love and patience put together, most pieces over the period of one entire year, some others even two years.

“It is meditation for me, you must leave the world out, concentrate on the one square in front of you and plan the next, ”  said one of the Turkish ladies to me, “I am working with the group for 17 years now, others even longer.” Hale Sümer, a petite woman, is the teacher since 20 years. The women are from different professions, a graphical designer, a lawyer, a teacher, some retired. “We help each other, it is often not easy to create an entire story or even universe laid out on several square metres.”

The exhibition at the newly reopened Atatürk Cultural Centre was opened on April 15 and will last until April 22 as cooperation between our government and the Hale Sümer Group. It is a very special exhibition and many distinguished guests had come to admire the work. Our former President Rauf Denktas has come to open the exhibition.

The works displayed, all sewn by hand and delicately embroidered, radiate a special atmosphere, a message to us, works of peace, tolerance and patience happening in our world of stress, hectic activities, hate and war.


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