Heidi Trautmann

945: Reflections of Life by Hasan Daniş - Art Exhibition at the Atatürk Cultural Centre in Nicosia

By Heidi Trautmann


Reflections of Life…. This is the title to Hasan Daniş 2nd solo exhibition and he has many reasons and experiences, I am sure, having been born in 1941 – just as I by the way – to reflect upon. Life is beautiful, he says, when I see him, and I have been very lucky in my life.  I am happy that I can follow my dream to paint which has been my wish since my childhood.

I have met Hasan Daniş many years ago when he was studying painting in the studio 110 of Feridun Işıman.

His favourite themes have always been portraits and landscapes. He takes pictures of those people, or of landscapes and street scenes, he would like to paint and then retires to his studio – his former garage he converted into a comfortable studio complete with air-condition. There he can paint with oil colours without disturbing others with the typical odor that can cause headaches with some people. He prefers painting in oil because it suits his working style, careful and detailed, he says, he can reach the envisioned colour easier if he works slowly and controlled. Acrylic dries too fast for his needs.

This year he has exhibited 52 works, portraits and landscapes, mostly of his family and of friends, but also of public figures, for example Meral Akıncı, Dr. Sibel Siber and Mehmet Harmancı. They all came for the opening.  Hasan has mastered the basic rules of portrait painting and his portraits really look very lively. From the landscapes he has done you can see that he did it with all his heart, he is a romantic through and through. He is known for his excellent brush work.

He has participated in 11 art exhibitions and, as I said before, now had his second solo exhibition. He has good powers of observation especially with the persons he portrays; he gives them the proper background and chooses the colours that underline the character.

With respect to the landscapes I would say that he loves Cyprus; and being a good observer, he has found the right approach to do the clouds in the sky. They can be dramatic as we all know.

The exhibition will be open until 24 October on working days 09:00  – 13:00 hrs and 14:00 – 18:00 hrs and on Saturday 09:00 – 13:00 hrs. 

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