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May 8 - 22 - Exhibition CELALETTIN TANDOĞDU - Unspoiled Nature

The exhibition "Unspoilt Nature" will be opened on Friday 8 May at 18:30 at the “ART STUDİO 110 “at Demak Business Center First floor no 110 at Mufti Ziyai Effendi Street near Selen Auto park behind the Main Post Office in Nicosie.


The venue is Feridun Isiman's Nicosia Workshop, art lovers will certainly know where it is. It is not the first time that Feridun invites artist friends to Cyprus, artists he meets on his numerous travels to art colonies, on events like conferences where he represents his country the TRNC. We do appreciate his efforts for doing so, it shows his open attitude towards art. We have spoken about this event and he sent me the information below.




There are different states of nature in his paintings;  seasons are changing ,the sun is shining on the fresh greens or everything is plunged into the hot colours of sunset; sometimes nature is silent or sometimes a

tornado  approaches with a  thundering sound.

Tandoğdu knows that producing an image or with his own words “reproducing the visible” is the most direct way of giving a message to the viewer .” Talking and writing are later developments in the

evolution of man. Prior to these developments man recognized his environment in a different way using his senses, an act of seeing. The visual perception is sometimes a kind of reflex but sometimes it is a choice one makes and moods and beliefs influence the perception of the visible .

What man perceives is an” image “ which is an interaction between thoughts and emotions.







The artist is living in İstanbul and this is his first visit and first solo exhibition in the T.R.N.C.

He has been at Yalova İnternational Art colony creating new paintings. He will be on our isand from 8 – 11 May 2009.

The exhibition will be inaugurated  at “ART STUDİO 110 “at Demak Business Center First floor no 110 at Mufti Ziyai Effendi Street near Selen Auto park behind the Main Post Office in Nicosia.

There will be 29 of his works in oil colour on canvas on display until 22nd of May 2009.

The opening cocktail is on 8th of May at 18.30 Friday.

The art loving people of Cyprus are very welcome to the exhibition.




He was born in Fatsa 1957. In 1975 he attended the Istanbul State of Fine Arts Academy. He completed  higher education in 1982. Between 1990 – 2003  worked at Yildiz Technical University as Serie-graphic  instructor. Some of his works are being displayed at the Balikesir Municipalities ` Devrim Erbil Contemporary Museum` building . He is currently working at his workshop in Istanbul.




1976 –Devrim Erbil `Traditional Workshop `exhibitions  -Istanbul

1980 – Home Decoration Magazine 2nd Golden Palette painting competition..   National Gallery of Fine  Arts-Istanbul.

1981 – Group Exhibition , Etap Marmara – Istanbul.

1982 – Home Decoration Magazine 4th Golden Palette painting competition,Caddebostan Gallery of  Fine Arts.

1983 – United Exhibition Caddebostan  Gallery of Fine Arts – Istanbul.

1985 – National Sculpture and Paintng Exhibition – Istanbul , Ankara, Izmir

1990 –Workshop and the pupils of Workshop `s students  exhibition.Kadikoy Municipality  Exhibition  Hall – Istanbul.

1992 - Yildiz Technical University, Teacher`s Exhibition.Sabanci Cultural Center –Istanbul.

1998 –”185 Pattern`s Exhibition”Elhamra Art Gallery.

1998 – ``14 Artist` oil paintings ``Elhamra Art Gallery- Istanbul.


2000  --10th Istanbul Art Fair – Tesvikiye Art Gallery –Istanbul .

2001--  11th Istanbul Art Fair—Tesvikiye Art Gallery—Istanbul.

2002 – Mix Exhibition ,Cakinberk At Gallery --- Balikesir.

2003 –Summer Exhbition , Arda Art Gallery – Ankara.

2004 – New Year Mixed Exhibition – As` Art Gallery  -Istanbul



2001—Tesvikiye Art Gallery – Istanbul.

2002 – Arda Art Gallery –Ankara .

2003 – Gallery Young Art – Istanbul .

2004 – Cakinberk Art Gallery – Balikesir.

2005 – Art Home Art Gallery – Istanbul .

2006 – Gallery Soyut – Ankara.

2007 -  As” Art Sanat Galerisi – Ankara

2008 -  Galeri Soyut  --- Ankara



1980 – Home Decoration Magazine ``2nd Gold en Palette ,success award ``

1981 –National Academy of Fine Arts ,higher arts,``Ataturk and his Legacies`` Painting Award.

1982 –Home Decoration Magazine `4th Golden Palette – Golden Palette Award``




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