Heidi Trautmann

738 - Theatre Course at ARTTERAPI Kyrenia with Bahar Çıralı and Hatice Tezcan

By Heidi Trautmann

Education in the arts is the best we can do for our children. This is what I always have believed in, but not only education in visual arts but also in other disciplines such as the performing arts.

Bahar Çıralı has studied the arts and art therapy in Italy and she knows about the importance of art education, be it with children of young age or be it with teenagers or adults.  During the February holidays she has organised a course together with Hatice Tezcan, charming and very good actress from the Nicosia Municipality Theatre in which students will build up a play starting from the very idea, learning to act, rehearsing the scenes, creating costumes and scenery up to the realisation on stage in front of an audience.  Hatice is a professional actress who has studied theatre in Turkey and who is very well known not only for her acting on stage and in films but also for directing children plays.

A workshop for children and young people to learn about themselves and others, to build up self-esteem and trust and respect of others, to develop the slumbering sense of playfulness, and have fun in creating something with little means but creativity.

I had spoken to Bahar Çıralı about the project at ARTTERAPI; the rooms are inviting to go on your knees and start creating with big brushes. An unforgettable experience during four days of one theatre course, and there are two groups during the month of February.  On each fourth day parents and friends are invited to the house to see the play and it is hardly believable that all has been done in just these four days. From the photos you can see how proud everyone was.

There are also other activities on the agenda of ARTTERAPI, such as painting and also during the holidays ceramic courses with Bahar and Bedia Kale. Call 0533 848 2888 and talk to Bahar Çıralı.


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