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8 - The Anglo Turkish Association and the SOS Children Village

Dear friends, The President of ATA , Mr Laurie Briggs, has informed its members about a 2-years donation to the SOS Children Village wih the following words:


Hello Members
Last week a number of the ATA committee members visited the SOS village in Lefkosa and made a donation of £1000 on your behalf. This represented £500 for last year and £500 for this years donation. It is the committee’s intention to maintain this support for the village.

After our visit the directors of the SOS sent us the following information about their work. Hopefully this will give you all an idea of the work the SOS do for the children.

Best wishes



Dear President and Members, 

Thank you again for your interest of our association for supporting our children in need.

As you know  SOS Children˜s Village pioneered a family approach to the long-term care of orphaned and abandoned children.

This concept is based on four principles: 

The Mother
Each child has a caring parent
The SOS mother builds a close relationship with every child entrusted to her, and provides the security, love and stability that each child needs. As a child-care professional, she lives together with the children, guides their development, and runs her household independently. She recognises and respects each child˜s family background, cultural roots and religion.

 Brothers and Sisters
Family ties grow naturally
Girls and boys of different ages live together as brothers and sisters, with natural brothers and sisters always staying within the same SOS family. These children and their SOS mother build emotional ties that last a lifetime.

The House
Each family creates its own home The house is the family home, with its own unique feeling, rhythm and routine. Under its roof, children enjoy a real sense of security and belonging. Children grow and learn together, sharing responsibilities and all the joys and sorrows of daily life.

The Village
The SOS family is a part of the community

SOS families live together, forming a supportive village environment where children enjoy a happy childhood. The families share experiences and offer one another a helping hand. They also live as integrated and contributing members of the local community. Through his or her family, village and community, each child learns to participate actively in society.

How can you help us?

SOS Children's Village and Youth Facilities are open to all types of help. There is need for both financial and moral support, so that our children and youths that are gathered under one roof may be given a family atmosphere, be psychologically stable, and from a social perspective so as to be able to agreeable and lead a love filled of life. They are the children all of us. We must hold hands and give financial and moral support so that they become useful individuals for our future. Because they have the right to be happy life, is above all theirs.

 donation of cloths, toys etc...
 money donation
 participate to our fairs and similar activities or buy tickets of activities
 buy Greeting Cards
 you can join to our Sponsorship Programs
 Child Sponsorship Euro150 anually
 Prevention of children abandonment project Sponsorship Euro 200  annually
 Family Home Sponsorship Euro 750  annually

For all money Donations...
Bank Account Numbers:
Turkish Bank (any branch)                     Limasol T. Koop Bank (any branch)
TL acc.    : 600318                                 TL acc.: 015848733
STG acc.: 700694                                  STG acc.: 7092674
                                                                  EURO acc.: 740074  

From  UK 
SORT CODE:40-51-98


For more information please visit our website ; www.soscocukkoyu.org

Hermann Gmeiner
Hermann Gmeiner

SOS Childen Village Entrance Gate in Lefkosa
SOS Childen Village Entrance Gate in Lefkosa

SOS mother
SOS mother

Happy village children
Happy village children

ATA and SOS Members
ATA and SOS Members

SOS Management Team
SOS Management Team

SOS Village 2010
SOS Village 2010

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