Heidi Trautmann

The new Dental Aesthetic and Implant Clinic DentX in Nicosia, Küçük Kaymaklı

By Heidi Trautmann


Three dental specialists have opened a dental clinic in Nicosia, a clinic of the finest as I had the opportunity to experience. A clinic with the most modern high tech equipment there is available on the market, a clinic that offers the patient, young and old, the best service and comfort, a clinic that does all the jobs in dentistry from A-Z.

The founding members of the clinic are:

Dr. Dr. Ufuk Ateş, Oral and Dental Surgeon

Prof. Dr. Atakan Kalender, Restorative dentistry and endodontics

Prof. Dr. Oğuz Ozan, prosthontist, implantologist

A pedodontist – child dentist – is available on appointment, also an orthodontist doing corrective and cosmetic measures in dentistry. 


Dr. Oğuz Ozan takes me around the clinic to explain the many services that patients can expect. I am truly amazed, they cover everything in dentistry. The technical equipment is by Siemens, the world leader in medical technology, the best available right at the moment.


“The first thing, explains Dr. Oğuz,  a new patient is undergoing is a 3 D computerized tomography for the doctor to see the problems and on a wide screen the patient can see for himself what is wrong, a detailed information of the problem and the treatment plan follows.”


Somehow it is an eye opener to recognise one’s critical teeths situation on the wide screen, bad fillings, infections at the root, unhealthy gum, and so on.

I am shown the various individual treatment rooms, all wide open, no feelings of being trapped; assistants clean the entire equipment after each patient’s treatment.


“There is also laser treatment available for pink aesthetic shaping”, Dr. Oğuz continues, “cosmetic corrections, you know.... And here we have the children treatment room and a play corner, to make the children feel comfortable, also a TV set to distract them from what is going on in their mouth.”  I am sure that children will be delighted to be surrounded by Micky Mouse and Goofy and lie in the arms of such a chair.

Then I learn that for the fixed implantology they have a scanner for inter-oral digital impression, that sort of picks up all details of your mouth to collect data for the final computerized production of your final fixed prothesis or bridge. I am impressed, that is new to me. The production can be done in one single day.

“This is not all, says Dr. Oğuz, upstairs we have a meeting room for dentist courses, with life surgery on volunteers, to keep local dentists up to date on advances in technology and treatments.

I have known Dr. Oğuz Ozan for many years, he has taken care of my dental problems at the Dental Clinic of the Near East University where he is teaching at the Dental Faculty. Also Dr. Atakan Kalender is still teaching there. Dr. Ufuk Ateş is now retired from teaching and concentrates on his clinical work entirely.

I wish the team of the new clinic good luck and wide acceptance. It is a remarkable achievement for North Cyprus.

Oh yes, what I still want to mention is, that the secretary will call you a day before your appointment to make sure that you won’t forget it.


DentX address: Özger Özgür Cad. 11

(from the road to Ercan, coming from the West, you turn right after the SOS Chilren Village, and then at the next roundabout you turn left, 100 m you find the clinic).

Tel. 0392 2257666; 0392 2257 500

Mobile 0548 8533 689

Email dentxclinic@gmail.com


The three dentX doctors
The three dentX doctors

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