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During the month of July - PRESS RELEASE for Project: Children say NO to Plastic Bags

Çatalköy Development and Culture Organization (CADER) together with the North Cyprus Children’s Conference for the Environment (NCCCE) have recently kicked off an Environmental Project in Çatalköy and the surrounding region.


The project – Say ‘NO’ to Plastic Bags - is supported by a small grant from SAVE which is funded by USAID. The project aims to raise the community’s awareness on the hazardous effects of plastic bags on the environment and people’s health by performing street plays at the selected supermarkets.


It is all about plastic bags which are handed out to customers so freely. Why not use re-usable fabric bags instead? How do you feel when you have to swim through a barrier of slimy plastic waste that has landed on our coasts?  How do you feel when you pass by a big pile of plastic waste while taking a nature walk?


To demonstrate in a drastic way the danger behind the use of plastic bags, the Çatalköy children will on such occasions perform a thoughtful sketch for the customers of supermarkets which declared full support for the campaign. These supermarkets are namely ERDENER , SUPREME and STARLING.


The performances will run for the whole month of July, and for the first two weeks of August. The first couple of events have already taken place at Starling Supermarket and Supreme Supermarket in Çatalköy with a great success. Below are the venues and the dates of the upcoming performances in July:


Erdener Supermarket, Çatalköy:                      July 7, Wednesday (17:00-19:00)

                                                                       July 10, Saturday (11:00-13:00)

                                                                       July 24, Saturday (11:00-13:00)


Supreme Supermarket, Çatalköy:                    July 17, Saturday (11:00-13:00)

July 28, Wednesday (17:00-19:00)


Starling Supermarket, Çatalköy:                      July 14, Wednesday (17:00-19:00)


Starling Supermarket, Doğanköy:                    July 20, Tuesday (17:00-19:00)

July 31, Saturday (17:00-19:00)


On these occasions the children will hand out fabric shopping bags free of charge and leaflets naming the supermarket which will have surprise gifts ready throughout 2010 for those customers who use their reusable fabric bags regularly and show that they have accepted the idea behind the action.



For more information, please contact Mr. Ulas Varoglu (Project Coordinator)

0533 868 3748 – ulasvaroglu@hotmail.com


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