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143 - Invitation to artists to participate in PAN CYPRUS Art Exhibition -

Invitation to Cypriot artists

For the 50 years of Cyprus Republic


Cyprus-wide Exhibition of E.KA.TE. – “50 years of creation in visual arts”


The Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts (E.KA.TE.) intends to organize an island-wide visual arts exhibition bearing the title “50 years of visual arts creation”, within the program of the celebrations for the 50 years of the Cyprus Republic.

The Exhibition will be presented in three parts during the coming month of October in Nicosia.

            The first part will present the artistic creation from the first years of the Cyprus Republic, starting from the ‘50s decade until the beginning of the ‘70s.

            The second part will present the artistic creation which relates to the tragic events of 1974 with works from those years, but also later or contemporary works which show the effects of ’74, on the artistic creation of visual artists.

            The third part will present contemporary artistic creation up to 2010. Young and mature artists, Cypriots, living inland or abroad, are called to show their most recent works of art (painting, sculpture, installations, video art).


            The artists can submit up to three works of art, by submitting photographs (full details of the works) together with a brief CV in printed or electronic format to the address below, the latest by the 31st of May 2010.


In the framework of the exhibition a catalogue will be published so artists are expected to keep the material submission time-schedule.


The exhibition will be curated by Marina Schiza (99666139)


For information:


Email: ekatek@cytanet.com.cy

Tel. 99562877 Daphne Trimikliniote, President of E.KA.TE.

Tel. (+357) 22 466426 (Ε.ΚΑ.ΤΕ.)
Fax. (+357) 22 466424 (Ε.ΚΑ.TΕ.)



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