Heidi Trautmann

653 - Cyprus in the Tango Mood

By Heidi Trautmann


Announcements, invitations flooded ….onto my writing desk….no my computer…for tango events, milongas, and I would have loved to join if I were a little younger and…you also need the right partner with this passion. A passion it is but you need regular practicing and high concentration.

I never thought that I would find tango here in Cyprus but I learnt many years ago already that there were clubs and schools. See my review on my website under Cyprus Art News No. 506 with a little background story: http://www.heiditrautmann.com/category.aspx?CID=5874366874


Now we have an increasing number of schools and clubs for tango - but also for other Latin dances - yearly festivals for tango with masters coming in from Argentine. The last one was in Nicosia in the beautiful Bedestan, just look at the photos, one gets the itching in ones feet. Not enough, tango has become a language of peace: the tango clubs and schools are meeting across the green line dividing Cyprus and are dancing on streets and places in open air. I find this marvellous.

There will be a tango festival in the then freshly opened renovated Lambousa Hotel, at least the poster says so and the event was announced months ago.

So, see you at the Tango, a dance to stay young with.

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