Heidi Trautmann

690 - BIBLIOTHEQUE – the new sensational restaurant in the heart of Nicosia


By Heidi Trautmann


It is not just a restaurant, it is a sensation, an art event in itself. An example how the historical buildings of the Old City can be left intact outside but completely renovated in the inside, combined with new and modern architecture, the work of young architects.

I was overwhelmed when I first saw it. When you walk from Büyük Han towards the Selemiye Mosque and the Bazaar, the place is in one of the small sidestreets on your right, with many plants along the length of the street and tables outside.


I was not able to attend the grand opening of it on 12 September when there was a great concert of jazz. The concerts continue and are changing so far every week.

I was kept informed by my friend Sevcan Cerkez who – for the occasion – had created some new life size sculptures and positioned them in a sort of vitrine underground…..the citizens of times gone by looking up at you from another level of existence. What a lovely idea and great work.

Cağrı, Sevcan’s son is running the place and there are many people around waiting on you.

My congratulations to an undertaking so well succeeded.


Sevcan and her sculptures
Sevcan and her sculptures

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