Heidi Trautmann

663 - Young students end of term art exhibition at the NEU Teachers Faculty

By Heidi Trautmann


As every year the works of students are shown to the public and it is interesting for me to see how they develop and what their interpretation is of the art they have been taught. This year we had eleven students from three art teachers’ classes of the Teaching Faculty participating in the exhibition. They were students of the first and second year, as Fatos Miralay explained to me, one of the teachers; Fatos is a fine artist herself. The exhibition was opened by the Dean of the Faculty who was taken around to be informed on the level of education and development of his faculty’s students. Awards were handed out.


I saw works of basic art teaching such as perspective, pencil drawing of objects and portraits, then water colours and oil, still lives, anatomy and fantasy, some graphic works. I liked what I saw. There are certainly some among them who will develop nicely.


With art education young people’s senses of own observation, judgement and understanding are being developed for society, nature and environment and in whatever way they will one day use their knowledge, they will be able to critically make up their own mind and not accept things that others put up for them. With the education of art they learn to research facts, to see behind the curtain, they will learn about the fine structure of living things, especially their own body and mind.



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