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Oct 20 - Nov 11: 3 events in One as part of the Conference Arts and Social Justice at THEATRESPACE

Dear friends of Theartspace
You are invited to the forthcoming 2 events taking place at Theartspace downtown in Old-Nicosia, 31. Pygmaleonos
-NEWS after NEWS- a multimedia event 20.- 25.10.2011 as part of the Conference: Arts and Social Justice: The Media Connection
organized by the University of Nicosia 20.- 23.10.2011
-Mapping the wor(l)d- an Artistsbook installation and reading of texts by international writers: 31.10 - 5.11.2011
THEARTSPACE will present media related works by Horst Weierstall under the strand: Media, Culture and Identity
The works are TVnews and newspaper related and communicate past and recent crisis situations in the Near East (Libanon, Libya and Irak)
The second part will refer to the issue of foreign and displaced poeple (in Cyprus) and their search for identity and assimilation.
Newsprint, Video, Photography(Polaroids) and Internet sourcematerial are the means for presentation besides a range of theoretical references e.g.
Baudrillard`s -Fatal strategies-, Julia Kristeva`s -Strangers to ourselves-, Susan Sontag`s Regarding the pain of others..etc.
-Mapping the wor(l)d-
This project was shown at Theartspace, Duesseldorf, Germany from 8.7. - 29.7.2011 and will be presented in Nicosia with an additional reading of texts under the title:
Fiction, Memory and Reality
by authors from Europe, Southamerica and Japan
More than 12 international artists will be represented through images of their artistsbooks which were created as -One of a kind- booktransformations of existing enzyclopedia, charts, maps and dictionaries. In addition the artists contributed to a large wallinstallation with reference to a map from the windfinder(internet) including some news or textreferences.
with best regards Horst W.
THEARTSPACE Nicosia: Dates and opening hours:
opening Thurs. 20.10.2011 19.00pm
Mapping the wor(l)d
31.10.- 5.11.2011
opening Mon. 31.10.2011 19.00pm
reading Sat. 5.11.2011 19.00pm
opening hours:
Mo.- Fri. 17.00 - 19.00pm
Sat.- Son. 11.00 - 13.00am
17.00 - 19.00pm
or appointment under Tel 99-875117
images attached: -Delay-: an artist`s book (overdrawn CyprusMail issue) with reference to the Irak war by Horst Weierstall, ink and crayon, 2005

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