Heidi Trautmann

154 - EMAA European Mediterranean Arts Association and its new Art Centre in Nicosia



By Heidi Trautmann


There is a yellow stone building behind the Ministry of Education, a beautiful building freshly renovated with the support of the Mayor of Lefkosa Municipality and the United Nations. It used to be the old municipality building for many years. The members of the EMAA board have been after it for a time as they found it most important to have a home for the growing association and its increasing activities.

After the key was turned over to them and made them into proud “owners” the members of the association for a change used brushes for painting walls, did all the interior decoration, swung the brooms and furnished the place according to the activities they have in mind for the future of the centre.


The inauguration took place on May 14 with the surrounding big garden freshly done with young plants and trees grafted, the space waiting to see young and older students at outdoor art activities and events. Many guests filed in at 17:00 hrs, all very punctual for not to miss the opening speech by the new President Dr Dervis Eroglu but who shortly before had to cancel his visit and was therefore replaced by the Minister of Finances, Mr Tatar and Mr Ersan Saner who was then still Minister of Tourism.

A big number of artists and friends had come to celebrate this very special moment, a moment of pride for EMAA to have achieved something, and Mrs Özgül Ezgin, Vice President and Mr Osman Keten President of the association as well as the guests of honour gave a glimpse into the history of EMAA as well as into the future. A lot has been done but a lot is still to be done. Mr Tatar charmingly put up the fences fearing future requests coming in for financial supports …”as my Ministry is the poorest of all”. The ribbon was cut and the Arts Centre was now officially opened to fulfill all the many programmes of the future.

On the ground floor we have the reception office and store room for the many publications EMAA has already done and opposite we have the big exhibition hall white and with good lighting and modern hanging equipment. There was an exhibition in honour of the opening emphasizing one of the main objectives that is bi-communal cooperation by displaying work of Turkish and Greek artists.


On the first floor there are: the office of the EMAA board, the archive room, one lecture room and two studios, all functionally furnished and ready for use. There is expectation in big letters written all over the walls, metaphorically.


A music group was invited to entertain the many guests while they stood in clusters around bar tables in the garden discussing the event and possibilities of use for the artists, for inviting guest artists from abroad, for workshops and lectures and exhibitions.


The main focus is aimed at developing contemporary art and its understanding and acceptance in society, as well as on improvement of relations between different art disciplines and encouraging communication between the artists themselves; therefore educational programmes are of great importance to EMAA, the first being for adults for the months of June and July 2010, ready to be taken up. Please read the hereafter attached programme.


Visiting hours of the Art Centre:

Monday: 16:00 – 20:00

Tuesday-Friday: 10:00 – 13.00 and 16.00 - 20:00

Saturday: 10:00 – 14.00


Belediye Sokak No. 1 Yenisheir, Lefkosa

Tel: 227 3864 – 227 3799

0533 847 5209

Email: emaa.cyprus@gmail.com



Art course for adults:


This course is designed for students who are interested in experimental art work in indoor and outdoor spaces. During the course students will design two and three-dimensional art objects in specific predetermined areas. To this aim, during classes to be held in the studio environment the instructors will help the students acquire necessary skills and present them with ways of forming objects, transforming what is in the imaginary field into end products (i.e. the work of art), basic technical know-how and utilization of materials.

During classes the instructors will help the students transform their imagination and sensations to relatively concrete forms with an ultimate aim to lend them a hand in expressing themselves through this form of art.

Course goal:

·         Creation of an experimental art project in various media formats based on conceptual assignments

·         Understanding of basic techniques for art production.

·         Developing personal strategies for art making

·         Have fun while learning new techniques, using new materials & new combinations. The best art comes from creative play.


The methods and assignments will cover:  

·          experimental drawing 

·          painting-without-a-brush techniques

·          mixed-media collage

·          experimental photograph taking

·          and an introduction to contemporary art practice and thinking


Teachers: Nicholas Panayi and Serhat Selışık

Days of Course:

Haziran - Temmuz / June-July

Pazartesi / Monday  18.00 - 20.00

Çarşamba / Wednesday 17.00 -1900





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This Project is financed by the European Union and implemented by EMAA & E.KA.T.E 


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