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737: EMAA - General Assembly and Elections and a talk on future projects

European Mediterranean Art Association (EMAA) –

By Heidi Trautmann

It is for the 9th time that a President for the European Mediterranean Art Association (EMAA) was elected. It is again Osman Keten, who has been President before for a period of two years. Osman Keten is a member of the first hour and has been contributing throughout all the years and stood by the side of the other presidents who were Nilgün Güney, also founder and 1st President, Zehra Sonya, Özgül Ezgin.

I have been with them and have followed their activities over the years throughout hard times because lack of financial support and good times because of exciting activities and projects. It is to say that all the members of board have given their entire dedication and personal involvement to the cause of the arts in Cyprus. Young members are coming forward and will add to the meaning of the art association.

Zehra Sonya who was its last president has now taken over the duties of Vice President, the treasurer is Münever Tantura and Eser Keçeci takes over the secreterial job.

Support will be given by active members Sinem Ertaner, Ozan Özgenler ve Uğur Bahçeci olurken, İpek Denizli, Necla Özoğul, Naz Atun and Erman Karagöz.

New members of the board are: Emete İmge, Münevver Özakalın, with the back-up of  Mustafa Erkan and members of the Disciplinary Group are: İnci Kansu, Hazal Yolga, Erman Karagöz, with the back-up of Ziynet Eğitmen.

What will be the future course I was asking Özgül Ezgin and where lies your responsibility, in what way are you involved?:

“Actually I am more involved than ever now, I am running the Centre as its Manager coordinating the projects and kind of managing all the international issues with regard to EMAA. I did not stand up for elections as board member to avoid conflicts of interest but I attend all meetings and take part in decision making.

Right now, we have very interesting projects on our agenda; there is the EU-funded project "Confrontation through Art", a project I am the coordinator of. It runs under the heading  “Contemporary Art as an Instrument for Reconciliation in Cyprus” .


Our first international artist workshop starts ın the week of 9-18 of February ending with an exhibtion. Two Cypriot artists are taking part, we have just finished the selection.

At the end of February we have an artist called Canan coming in for 2 days of seminar on Feminist Art from 26-27th Feburary.

In mid February we will announce the second open call for the Young Artist Development programme for the age group of 34 and under,  its execution will be in March, 10th to 19th.

And for summer we will have again activities in the villages with children and youth. We just started the preparations. All these are within the framework of the "Confrontation through Art" project. 

We are also collaborating with the Urban Gorilla NGO from the South for the "Inflatable Bubble- Green Urban Lab”  project that is due in March inviting for interactive creativity  and proposals. More detail on https://www.facebook.com/events/336765743175127/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

I also plan to get the members more involved in the activities and in the decision making process. That requires to sit down individually with the members and get their feedback, it is to introduce some fresh creativity and energy.”


I wish EMAA, its President and members luck and cooperation from all sides and the support they deserve.



Canan and Feminist Art
Canan and Feminist Art

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