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771 - Cutting Edge – Stencil Art Exhibition - Erdoğan Ergün at the ArtRooms Kyrenia

By Heidi Trautmann


Two days after the opening I went to see Erdoğan Ergün’s exhibition at the ArtRooms in The House. It is always a pleasure to visit ArtRooms exhibitions as they are exceptionally well organised and always accompanied by a proper catalogue which not only serves as a source of reference but I feel it is most interesting to read the introduction which is written by a friend or colleague in order to bring the viewer onto the right road and help to understand the background of a project or a technique.

‘Cutting edge’, the title of the exhibition, .... may be the cutting edge of a knife or.... to be at the forefront of the state of art or .... one can use this term in many ways and meanings, in a social or political context as the writers of the introduction do, Oya Silbery, art director, or Dilek Karaaziz Şener, art critic and art historian,  are offering their comments...

YES, it used to be an art form that was used in revolutionary ways,  however, I cannot see any sinister message in Erdoğan Ergün’s art works. It is a quite realistic immage he is drawing of society in today’s data controlled world, young and old people’s faces, children and how they stay children surrounded by a virtual world and the media and its messages, they laugh and have grown accustomed; so is nature, two and four legged animals; the world of cars against the world of birds. I cannot see any threat in his pictures, any walls, any accusations or revolutionary admonishing against walls; they are rather matter of fact, joyous colours, with other words...trying to cope...

I have seen Ergoğan Ergün’s last exhibition in 2014 at the Eaved House...here is the link...and most of it I have already said there.


For me it is a most interesting technique just as all printing techniques are and they keep away from computer manipulation, it is still basic and proper craftmanship.


The exhibition is still open until 24 May and viewing times are from midday until midnight.


Detail of a work
Detail of a work

Erdoğan Ergün and Oya Silbery  (I took this one from facebook)
Erdoğan Ergün and Oya Silbery (I took this one from facebook)

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