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443 - Photo Portraits of Artists – “Sanatci Portreler 1” by Yıltan Taşçı

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It is important to know the past in order to understand the present times


By Heidi Trautmann

You wanted to know what 100 artists of North Cyprus look like? You have the opportunity to see their portraits in a small book prepared and collated by Yıltan Taşçı. There was a photo exhibition in 2011 as well.

Yıltan Taşçı is a journalist, photographer, poet and musician, well known and admired in all disciplines.

100 personalities of the arts, literature, fine arts, photography and music. I know most of them and you perhaps have heard of them. And it is nice to say: Oh this is what he/she looks like…..And it is only book 1; so more is to be expected.

The book is available in Cypriot bookstores.





Kamran Aziz and Harid Fedai
Kamran Aziz and Harid Fedai

Portrait Exhibition
Portrait Exhibition

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