Heidi Trautmann

499 - Earth Day – 22 April


By Heidi Trautmann


For over 40 years now the world celebrates the Earth Day. But what is the use if we celebrate it only on one day? There is a lot of information on the internet about the man who invented this day. Do you know the story of Paul Gallico ‘The Boy who invented the Bubble Gun’?  It is a little bit like this, not that I want to belittle this man’s efforts over so many years, but I want to point the finger on us that we actually need such a day, a reminder that we have a restricted contract to live on this world and enjoy all the good things and that we should keep the place clean just as we expect of any tenant we rent our property to.

In the foyer of our house I have a sheet of instructions for guests who come for the first time and I hand it to them as a souvenir and I invite to visit our garden and think about life:


“Life is like a garden with two gates, by one you enter when you are born, the other you use when you return the leasing contract. In your childhood years your parents and teachers tell you how to use the garden tools properly; you learn to plant the necessary to sustain yourself and later your family, trees and vegetables to give you shade, vitamins and protection, a place to feel at home. The garden teaches you to respect nature and also to admire the wonderful structure and blossoms of ‘weeds’; it teaches you to accept and withstand storms and hail, rain and blazing sunshine and not to blame others for the damage. Finally you will seek a good balance in your garden, among the plants, your family and the friends who are always welcome in it.

And when one day you close the last gate behind you, you will know that you have left your garden in order for the next generation to benefit from.

Please keep this in mind when you stroll through our garden; wonder about the perfect law of nature; sit a while on the wall and let your eyes wander to the far reaching sea. It is good to have this feeling about your life, it will make you smile.”


They have an anthem for this special day, did you know….to the music of van Beethoven’s Ode of Joy….but more important than singing and celebrating is….respecting the rules of your contract of life.



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