Heidi Trautmann

347 - FODER – Cyprus Turkish Photographic Association – Photoexhibition


By Heidi Trautmann


36 art photographers have donated altogether 117 photos for a good cause, in aid of the Child Oncology Service at the Nicosia State Hospital. The exhibition with very beautiful photographs was opened on Tuesday, May 9 at the Atatürk Cultural Centre in Nicosia by Prime Minister Irsen Kücük. The theme was about beauty in nature and daily surroundings, looked at from very close, beauty in decay, a bit of colour on an old piece of board, a dead leaf, foot prints in the sand, the pattern of a stone, geometry of a fruit, the charm of flowing water, reflections in water, and so on. I could fill a whole page praising the approach the photographers undertook.

The event was well attended, no parking to be found, many professional photographers could be met, a big crowd of young people around interested in this fascinating hobby.

I am glad to realize that there are people taking their time to look at things properly because you don’t need any artificial luxury when you have it all around you. Hüseyin Sayil, the president of FODER, explained to me that they have regular courses where people not only learn the fine techniques of photography but also learn to use their eyes to find the deeper meaning. The association owns an own centre for courses in Nicosia. The address is PK 576 Lefkosa, or email: huseyinsayil@yahoo.com.


There are more passionate photographers among us than we believe possible, perhaps you become one of them.


Left: Hüseyin Sayil
Left: Hüseyin Sayil

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