Heidi Trautmann

649 - 1st Kyrenia Poetry and Music Days and Symposium

May 07-09, 2014 at the Dome Hotel and GAU University


By Heidi Trautmann


“Our new CD ‘Bir Daha Sevemem’ with poems and songs has come out” I was told by Dr. Arif Ali Albayrak, a cooperation between him and Mustafa Tozakı, whose last CD I have introduced to our readers not so long ago. Dr. Arif Ali Albayrak is a multi-faceted man, gynaecologist by profession, poet, composer, musician, he has several ud’s, he sings, paints and is known to all as caricaturist, and he signs with AAA; …and he is in the Parliament, and is ….the father of famous Umut Albayrak, the singer. And she is one of the singers on the new CD; the other vocals on the CD are Sibel Tozakı, Mustafa Tozakı, Halil Akansel and Kazim Özalp.


Now AAA was co-ordinating and participating in the ‘1st Kyrenia Poetry and Music Days’ together with Ayşegül Dinçbaş, poet, and supported by Sümer Aygin, Mayor of Kyrenia. So I learnt about the event and was invited to the reception at the Dome Hotel where all the participants were gathering, writers and poets, composers and musicians, but also other artists. AAA has also shown his own paintings and his caricatures among the paintings by others.  I recognised Harid Fedai and Mustafa Gökçeoğlu, both writers, research writers. Books were laid out by the authors present and signed. The 2nd President Mehmet Ali Talat came to the reception and animated conversations were led. I met some young poets from Famagusta I have not met before, for example  Dervişe Günyyeli-Kutlu and she gave me her poetry book ‘Nefes’, and a book for children ‘Mevlana’s seven advice – seven fairy tales’. I was also presented with a newly created magazine ‘Kıbrıs Sanat’ the Şiir Sanatı Platform, with contributions by poets and writers and also music notes and lyrics of Turkish Cypriot songs.


The purpose of the event is to have a platform where poets, songwriters, composers, musicians can meet, exchange their motivations and ideas and sort of find each other: I have the lyrics, have you got the music, or vice versa. But embraced are all artists to contribute and help preserve the Cypriot Turkish art, music and way of life.


Within the framework of the three days meeting was one day of symposium work, speeches and discussions, and a Song and Lyrics Contest ‘Love and Kyrenia’

I am looking forward to be informed on the results.

New CD by Dr. Arrif Ali Albayrak and Mustafa Tozaki
New CD by Dr. Arrif Ali Albayrak and Mustafa Tozaki

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