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May 20 -Sidestreets: Series of Modern Turkish Cypriot Literature



Sidestreets cordially invites you to the following events:


1) A PRESS CONFERENCE: “The Series of Modern Turkish Cypriot Literature”

Wednesday, 20 May, 5:30 p.m., at Sidestreets


2) A BOOK LAUNCH for “The Series of Modern Turkish Cypriot Literature”

Wednesday, 20 May, 7:30 p.m., at the Mallia Wine Bar in the Büyük Han, Lefkoşa



On Wednesday, 20 May at 5:30 p.m. Sidestreets is hosting a bilingual (English and Turkish) Press Conference on the release of a new and historic literary publication: the unique, eight-volume bilingual (Turkish and English) “Series of Modern Turkish Cypriot Literature.” The Press Conference will be at Sidestreets, 22 Mahkemeler Önü, in Lefkoşa. Details of the book are provided below.


         Sidestreets is hosting this event as part of its unique mission and activities aimed at catalyzing and developing cultural and historical understanding by recognizing and bringing into public awareness the work of artists, writers and scholars, Cypriot and international, and promoting quality culture in the community.

         The publication of “The Series of Modern Turkish Cypriot Literature” is an extraordinary event: it fills an important gap in Cyprus’s cultural history and makes this field accessible for the first time to both Turkish- and English-speaking audiences; it also represents the first comprehensive classification of genres and styles of modern Turkish Cypriot literature; it opens up new ways of thinking about the literature and performing arts in Cyprus; and it creates new avenues to explore issues of memory, history, identity, and individual and group identity in such fields as sociology, anthropology, history, and cultural studies. The collection will undoubtably be the standard reference source in the field for schools and universities throughout Cyprus.


2) BOOK LAUNCH (open to the public)

Also on Wednesday, at 7:30 p.m., Sidestreets is organizing a book launch and signing for this publication at the Mallia Wine Bar in the Büyük Han, Lefkoşa, offering participants the opportunity to meet the coordinator and eight editors, and obtain the entire 8-volume set at an incredible discount.


The Series of Modern Turkish Cypriot Literature

         This unique eight-volume paperback collection is the product of a comprehensive three-year research, translation and publication project examining about 130 years of Turkish Cypriot literature from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries. Eight editors from academic backgrounds collaborated with  other editors from creative backgrounds, to produce, for the first time, an extraordinary overview of the range and quality of Modern Turkish Cypriot Literature. Also for the first time, each text or excerpt from a longer work is printed in the original Turkish, followed by its English translation.

         The collection was produced under the supervision of distinguished poet and scholar Dr. Mehmet Yashin, and comprises the following volumes:


The Series of Modern Turkish Cypriot Literature

Volume 1: Poetry (167 pages; edited by Suzan Yılmaz and featuring works by 37 writers)

Volume 2: Operettas and Plays (305 pages; edited by Bilen Kılıç; 25 writers)

Volume 3: Memoirs and Travel Writing (358 pages; edited by Ahmet Gildir; 32 writers)

Volume 4: Short Stories (358 pages; edited by Gür Genç; 34 writers)

Volume 5: Novels (370 pages; edited by Turhan Uludağ; 20 writers)

Volume 6: Essays (429 pages; edited by Nazan Ökçün; 51 writers)

Volume 7: Literary Criticism and Study (776 pages; edited by Murat Bülbülcü; 29 writers)

Volume 8: Biographies and Bibliography (213 pages; edited by Jenan Selcuk; biographical notes on all the authors featured in the series)


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