Heidi Trautmann

720 - Moroccan Images by two artists Buket Özatay and Tijen Erol Yakup

Photo Exhibition  at the Naci Talat Peace and Guest House in Nicosia

 By Heidi Trautmann

 I am amazed at the beauty of the artistic photos shown at the exhibition. Works by two professional artists. You can follow their career and their work on their personal websites.  Their life is determined by photography, an art which becomes more and more important and ….more artistic as we go. Photography has become an important discipline in modern art, no longer just a tool for the arts but as an independent body.  As an artist friend once commented: Art begins in the head and not at the tip of the brush. You need just as much knowledge of composition and theory of colours, just as much sensitivity of observing the world around you in order to produce photos of this quality.

One day in spring 2014 Buket Özatay and Tijen Erol Yakup travelled to Morocco to discover the soul of the country. A world of legends and tradition, of beautiful traditional architecture, and proud people and tribes of the desert.  I have a very special relation to this country as my father used to be Foreign Correspondent for the North African countries and he personally knew the royal family of Morocco and through his work I saw the first pictures and heard the fantastic stories of this country.

During their stay in Morocco, Buket and Tijen shared their experiences and encounters with us via facebook, so I always knew what they were up to and with some excitement I saw the first pictures.

The exhibition is on until December 24, unfortunately I could not publish my review earlier because our house was hit by lightning and had caused much damage, so also my computer, but fortunately my data were safe.

We will hear more of them. Meanwhile the 7th photo competition organised by the Özatay Foundation is running, you can learn more about it on the internet. 

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