Heidi Trautmann

412 - Art Exhibition Summer Art Courses at EMAA Art Centre

By Heidi Trautmann


The board of EMAA (European Mediterranean Art Association) sees an important part of

their scope of duties in the art education and improvement of skills of children and young

people and those who still feel young, in many fields of the arts. Every year, EMAA offers courses in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography for all age groups and twice a year the works of the course participants will be exhibited.

There was the exhibition following the summer courses just a week ago and it was touching to see the pride of the youngest and older students when they received their certificate and plenty of attention by the visitors.

The teachers were artists who gave their free time: Zehra Sonya in sculpting; Osman Keten in drawing, Eser Kececi in painting, collages, and Ipek Denizli Karagöz who made an animation film with her group from drawings they had done, ceramics by Sinem Ertaner and photography by Özgül Ezgin and Kadir Kaba.

They have been very engaged, all of them, and it is fun to see their work.

The autumn courses have just started. I shall participate in the course for photography and will report.

There is always something you can improve on, isn’t there?


Published in Cyprus Observer Oct 20, 2012

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