Heidi Trautmann

28 - Limnitis Opening celebrated by Women into Action

By Heidi Trautmann

""It suddenly dawned on me as I was driving the support car behind the walkers with the song "I'd rather be a hammer than a nail" blaring from the car speakers just how relevant the song was, we as Women Into Action are trying to lead the way for all women in Cyprus to follow, we are not sheep, just women who realise that this beautiful island needs to be shared by all, regardless of ethnic background, as a multicultural group, this is just our beginning....."

This wrote Tina Adam, one of the active members of WOMEN INTO ACTION in reply to my question  about her personal feelings. The group had invited all women of Cyprus to join them for a “Fun Walk between the checkpoints of Limnitis and Pyrgos /Yesilirmak-Pirgo.

They met at the Limnitis Checkpoint on November 7 and went holding coloured balloons in their hands to express their joy: After many years of concerted efforts the Limnitis/Pyrgos checkpoint has finally opened! A 6 kilometre long walk in beautiful surroundings.

Women into Action have dedicated this Fun Walk to all the people who worked so hard for the opening of the checkpoint and also to the memory of the late Muhtar of Limnitis/Yesilirmak, Goksel Kabaran, who unfortunately died before he saw the opening he worked so hard for to materialize.

As a festive tribute of the Fun Day, balloons were released into the Cypriot sky in between the checkpoints as a symbol of freedom of movement!


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