Heidi Trautmann

242 - Programme Theartspace - Nicosia and Duesseldorf 2011-2012

Horst Weierstall, a German artist well known to us, presents his programme for the near future.

Theartspace  Nicosia will in the future coordinate research projects and presentations  with Theartspace Duesseldorf  (under the direction of Noema dance works Alexandra Waierstall).

Beginning in 2011 the centres will initiate works within  a specific  thematic and conceptual  frame for artists from  the Visual Arts, Architecture,Literatur, Dance and Performance.  The collaboration of the two centres aims at initiating  common activities, investigative processes linking  the diverse multicultural  and local layers of the two places, Cyprus (Nicosia) and Germany (Duesseldorf).                                                        

Nicosia   December 2011 – December 2012

                      `Visualizing and sensing urbanity`

Over a period of 12 month, different artists will create various  works in response to the immediate  location of Theartspace,  close to the crossingpoint at Ledrastreet,  the city in general and  the roof of Theartspace .

The first three projects explore the different levels  and layers of the city and its physical  boundries.


Venue: TheArtSpace

31, Pigmalionos Street1010 Nicosia

Tel 00357-99875117



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