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THE WORLD ON OUR DOORSTEPS - Our Environment - We need to act -

Heidi Trautmann

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Latest News: Whales stranded on costs with their stomach full of plastic and car parts..... 


THE WORLD ON OUR DOORSTEPS - Our Environment - We need to act -

Artists, Writers, Actors, Musicians, Teachers, Parents, Children..................
We must do something, it is not enough to press an icon on facebook to express our feelings and then turn around and continue with our Iphone or watching television, or doing our individual art work or teaching job or house work, we are all running into a disaster with open eyes. The world is full of hate, racism, war, egoism, climate changes with animals being washed up on our coasts, the sea is full of poison, people die of cancer if not of hunger and war in many regions. Don’t just care about the rubbish in front of your own house door, the rubbish of the world will soon flood your courtyard. 
Politicians seem to dance on a different stage, they don’t make laws that ensure a clean and safe environment, they wait until the stink rises to heaven and a nice rain will come to take care of it. However, society cannot put the blame on the people they have elected to represent them alone, we all have to take the responsibility and do something.
There are some small groups doing rounds with big black bags on beaches and city centres once in a while, there are efforts to show the number plates of sinners who throw their waste out of the car windows, all very soft and polite. It is not enough. 
It should be on the agenda of all media, daily newspapers, television, art magazines, book fairs, art exhibitions to make it a main theme of it, and not only environment as such but our health of body and mind. We must also stand in front of the parliament and ask for proper laws that protect our values. Plastic bags and bottles should be forbidden, empties should be charged, programmes should be set up how to avoid waste; I mean this request is wanted worldwide. 
When I show up in super markets with my textile shopping bags people look at me as if I was not quite clear in my head. Today again, the woman in front of me had her shopping packed in literally twenty plastic bags, all half empty. I keep telling people, cashiers, customers alike that plastic comes back to your stomach through the fish we eat, that life in the oceans is in danger, but as long as people are not directly concerned they don’t react. One lady told me: I don’t eat fish! 
In the last few years I have written about this topic so very dear to my heart in newspapers and my website, here only three links. 
I leave you to think about it.


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Heidi Trautmann If we want to keep the world as pleasant as the photo here then we have to do something.....

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Miki Ferrario

Miki Ferrario You are right, Heidi. People are not caring about what is happening, or at maximum they are lazy and think that someone else can take care of dangerous wastes that are killing our beautiful planet... Plastic, plastic everywhere, and no education about respect of nature. How can we fight these bad attitudes? When I try to speak on this subject, they ask me which planet I come from!

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