Heidi Trautmann

Sep 7 - Jazz Breezes - Concert in Bellapais

Rauf Kasimov - Piano

Saxophone and Flute - Osman Şendinç

Double Bass - Mustafa Özak

in Bellapais on Sep 7 at 20:00 hrs - 8 pm

A very special evening for us to enjoy, It shows again the fun and passion Rauf Kasimov takes from making music. He said to me that the two musicians he found on the island are heavensent for him. They have met, played together for only a couple of days and understood each other without any words to make. That is the secret about music.

Tickets or TL 20 are available from Kyrenia Rehabilitation Centre for which the concert takes place, Deniz Plaza, Pia Bella Hotel, Kyebele Restaurant and at the ticket office.

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