Heidi Trautmann

258 - End of the Term Art Exhibition at the Near East University

The Fine Arts and Design Department of the Near East University invited the public to their end of the term exhibition at the AKKM Exhibition Hall on Thursday on June 16. I announced it. The exhibition ends on 15 July, it says, but entering the exhibition is not easy: only after some telephone discussions was it possible to persuade the watchman to open the doors for me.

Anyway, I was there and brought back some photos to share with you.

There are different disciplines displayed: Painting: Copying old masters starting from Picasso, Gauguin, Renoir, Egon Schiele, even Le Cri by Emil Nolde etc. ..like in the old days, still very important;

Ceramic and other sculpting ways:

Graphic work such as posters, stamps, advertising material.


In enjoyed very much to see the wide spectre of education of the young people at the Near East University and the very good level they have reached.

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