Heidi Trautmann

644 - FODER – Photographic Exhibition dedicated to COFFEE

At the Atatürk Cultural Centre May 06-10, 2014


By Heidi Trautmann


Half of Nicosia came to the exhibition on Tuesday evening, the event being opened by HE Dr. Dervis Eroglu and together with Dr. Sibel Siber and Mehmet Gökyigit, the president of FODER, he extended his congratulations to the winning participants in the competition project with the theme COFFEE.


…..And the whole house was smelling of coffee brewed in one corner of the exhibition hall. An atmosphere of coffee house was created by groups of men sitting at tables and playing cards or …and women sitting together knitting, making embroidery and reading the coffee cups while drinking it. It was a surprise and really charming  life installation, sort of.

A terrific idea to restrict a photographic project to one and only theme and through the more than one hundred of photos I could follow the wonderful culture of coffee drinking in Cyprus, in coffee houses, in private homes, with old and young people sharing the same passion, reading the cups, but also the manufacture of it. Why not create a coffee museum with all these beautiful photos around. You can see that the photographers had much fun doing them, among them famous photographers. I also saw their yearly exhibition in 2012 and wrote about it on my website under No. 347. They also do photographic courses which I have already in mind to visit.

See for more photos on my website.



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