Heidi Trautmann

496 - Apartment Project –2nd Intercultural Art Project to be at Goethe Institut in Nicosia


By Heidi Trautmann


'Bufferzone', the first of a series of ‘Apartment Project’ workshops focusing on divided cities in collaboration with Uqbar(Berlin) and EMAA(Nicosia) and Apartment Project Turkey continues the second phase in Nicosia between April 16th and 30th  with the participation of twelve artists and art collectives invited from Berlin, Istanbul and Nicosia, the first one was in Istanbul.

Throughout these fourteen days, the artists will continue their individual work on concepts such as the various meanings of 'borders' with respect to different cultural, socioeconomic, and lingual backgrounds. The drawings, photographs, videos and articles created during this time frame will reflect what is borne by having shared the individual experiences, interactions, and conversations.


Between April 16th and 30th, alongside the workshops to be held under the coordination of EMAA, the workshop will be supported with presentations and talks by  Ozgul Ezgin & Argryo Toumazou from EMAA and introducing the ‘Occupy Bufferzone Movement’ by Rahme Vezioğlu & Andreas Damianou.


During the workshop process Selda Asal and Safak Catalbas offers another workshop project for the young people from Nicosia; 2+1. “2+1” is a sub-project of Apartment Project, targeting youngsters between the ages of 15-28. The project will end in a rap music video, produced collaboratively with young people from Cyprus. The project will be shown in Istanbul and Berlin.


The project is sponsored by the Anna Lindh Foundation. 


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