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Nov 6 - Frame Drumming Across Nicosia



Press Release


In November 1989, the Berlin Wall came down, uniting the city of Berlin, the country of Germany, and the German people. In commemoration of this event and with the positive anticipation of the day when our own dividing wall will fall,  the community of women frame drummers of Cyprus wishes to honour this memorable occasion by leading a rhythmic sound procession starting in Eleftheria Square, via Ledra Street and Phaneromeni Square to Ayia Sophia Cathedral (Semiliye Camii) and back via Phaneromeni Square to 8, Mouson Street - MA•GAIA's official space.


This colourful and peaceful event will take place on Saturday 6 th November starting at 11am. It is expected to last just over an hour.


The objectives are to link and unite 3 of the city’s landmarks, symbolically and energetically, through sound coupled with the essence of peace, harmony, rhythm and joy by contemporary woman playing one of the oldest known instruments to Cyprus - the tambourine and tar.


Participating will be members of  MA•GAIA community of women frame drummers, a non-profit making organization aiming to unveil and honor the rich heritage of the island’s women frame drummers of antiquity, through setting up and maintaining a centre for the research and study of the frame drum; a meeting place where students and teachers from all over the world can share their knowledge in the context of workshops, presentations and performances. MA•GAIA’s work encourages the personal and communal growth of women and seeks to re-inspire respect for the feminine.

For more information on frame drumming in Cyprus:

99159927, info@magaiaframedrummers.com

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