Heidi Trautmann

1041: A Street in Girne named after the Cypriot poet FILIZ NALDÖVEN

By Heidi Trautmann


The Municipality of Girne has decided to mark the 2019 International Women’s Day with the naming of a Girne Street after the late poet Filiz Naldöven who died in 2016. A daughter of this island, a poet who will not be forgotten.

It is a touching gesture and the ceremony of name giving will be held on March 08 at 11 am (between Terra Nova and Levent Apartments, in the Karaoglanoglu Street, see the details on the map.

I have often talked to the poet for the part she was to have in my book ‘Art and Creativity in North Cyprus’ Volume II. Please click on the link to read her story.




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