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April 16 and May 8 - TheArtSpace in Nicosia South - Forthcoming events



31. Pigmalionosstr.

1010 Nicosia, Cyprus   

open Monday.- Fridays. 18.00-20.00 pm

Saturday  11.00 - 13.00 am                       

Tel. 00357-99875117

e-mail art.wh@fit.ac.cy




Forthcoming events :   Spring 2010



16.April .2010  - 2. May 2010

Exihbition of Artists’ Books

organized by Moufflon Bookshop,

Nicosia, t:  22 665 155


Title of exhibition:     “ P A L I M P S E S T “


In this presentation of ALTERED BOOKS

artists,  architecture / art / design / media students and graduates have been invited to select from a range  of subjects,  discarded books from the annex of the main bookshop,  in order  to recreate an altered version by various ways and means,  

transforming the existing format and content.




8.May 2010  - 15.May 2010


A videoinstallation by


Aggela Chimona and Chrisanthy Christoforou


Title of exhibition         “ T A L E S  and  T A I L S


“ The work is a collaborative exhibition which examines and negotiates past narratives by re-enacting them in the present.

When the past is reinvented in the present,  then new stories begin.


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