Heidi Trautmann

645 - From Awareness to Consciousness - Art Exhibition Fezile Köksal

 ...at the Ismet Güney Art Centre May 06-12, 2014


By Heidi Trautmann


Birds, Cities, We.. and its interrelation is the subject of Fezile’s exhibition. The title of her beautiful exhibition is AWARENESS and she explains to us the road we go from awareness to consciousness in our world where we are incessantly submitted to pressure from all sides, political and social pressure. Her aim is to establish a language of her own to counteract to this pressure in order to build up individualism and independence.


The rough stone walls in the Ismet Güney exhibition halls are a pleasant background for her work, often miniscule; metal strips, wire, small squares welded into meaningful structures, well composed. Very delicate works.  A bird’s eye view of our globe, monuments of society, temples of mankind.  She has also designed some charming jewellery pieces.


Fezile Köksal was born in 1988 in Nicosia but lives now in Ankara where she does her master degree in painting at the Gazi University.  She graduated in sculpting in 2006 at the Marmara University in Instanbul, followed by painting in 2010 and spent one year as Erasmus exchange student at the Accademia Albertina Delle Belle Arti in Torino/Italy.


The owl is often a part in her work, the bird of wisdom, and the big eyes observe. At the end of the catalogue she has placed some wise words, obviously spoken by an elderly person, perhaps her father (Emin Köksal) ….’You start to believe that there is no logic in throwing stones against a gigantic wall. In fact, that little stone thrown by a human being indicates all one can do, in desperation and rebelling against life….’


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